Amphibians and Reptiles of Tapalpa

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Amphibians and Reptiles of Tapalpa

It is an informative guide for all audiences, a small contribution to the knowledge of amphibians and reptiles by six authors, important to know species of risk to humans and understand their role in the ecosystem, as well as learn to admire and respect amphibians and reptiles. Useful for specialists, impact studies, biologists, veterinarians, agronomists and related careers, as well as for fans of this fascinating world of amphibians and reptiles. The guide represents 34% of the richness and 42% of endemic species in the state of Jalisco and includes 34% of the species registered in Jalisco within some category of risk. It is the result of a link between authors and an ecotourism development Sierra Mazati S.A. of C.V. The book consists of 208 pages, with images of the 67 species and the natural environment in the temperate zone of the Sierra de Tapalpa, Jalisco (142 photographs). Its content is distributed in 12 sections that include, among others, the description of the study area, species files, and keys for the identification of species, glossary and bibliography. The book is applicable to the mountains or highlands of the state, with its variations due to the geographical, geological, physiographic and biogeographical situation the state is very complex in relation to the herpetofauna.

Editorial Organic Publishers
Author Ana Luisa Santiago Pérez, Verónica Carolina Rosas Espinoza, Paulino Ponce Campos, Armando de Jesús Fraustros Sandoval, Aldo Dávalos Martínez, José Eliezer Iñiguuez Ochoa.
Published July 2021
Edition 1
Language Spanish
Subject Subject Herpetology, Environment
Format 8.72 in x 6.49 in x 0.47 in.
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